Faculty/Student-Athlete Mentoring Program


Mission:  The mission of the Student-Athlete Mentoring Program is to foster positive, reaffirming relationships between the academic community and the athletic department.  Increased open and direct communication will help the faculty more fully understand the realities associated with balancing academic and athletic obligations.  Student-athletes will benefit by gaining insight and understanding as to how they might more effectively achieve their academic and career goals learning and interacting with caring faculty role models.


Mentoring - balancing heart, mind and spirit


  Faculty Mentors  Men's Sports

Steve Brown, Gary Austin
and Josh Shuart 

Basketball Seamus Carey, Shirley Pavone
and Josh Shuart 
Cross Country &
Track and Field
Jim Carl and Matthew Moran
Fencing Ben Boyer
Football Tany Grant, Stephen Scarpati
and Robert March
Golf Cara Erdhein
Ice Hockey John Roney and Christopher Kelly
Lacrosse June-Ann Greenley
Soccer Edna McGovern and Kenneth Knies
Tennis Maureen Conrad and John Gerlach
Volleyball Jonathan Walker
Wrestling David Cameron and Pat Morris
  Faculty Mentors  Women's Sports
Basketball Lori Bindig and Rupendra Paliwal
Bowling Josh Shuart
Crew Deirdre Yeater
Cross Country &
Track and Field
Gavin Ferribly, Julie Mujie
and Bernadette Boyle 
Equestrian Mary Treschitta and Jessica Samualis
Fencing Ben Boyer
Field Hockey Robert McCloud
Golf Cara Erdhein
Ice Hockey Ruth Grant and Mark Mascia
Lacrosse Shery Watson
Soccer Valerie Wherley and Arne Baruca
Softball Jack de Graffenried and Carrie Picardi
Swimming Wendy Bjerke 
Tennis  John Gerlach and Cara Erdhein
Volleyball Dawn Melzer and Jennifer Mattei















Some Possible Topics a Mentor May Bring to a Team:
1. Etiquette Training
2. Time Management Skills
3. Effetive Study Habits
4. Leadership Development
5. Volunteerism
6. Career Development
7. Curriculum and Degree Management
8. Advertisement

Each participating faculty mentor may have their own distinctive mannder and way of interacting with the student-athlets, coaches and athletic administrators.  The amount and quality of time spent with one's assigned team will vary from mentor to mentor.  It is not necessary for the mentor to be familiar with the sport field.  The mentors charge is to develop a partnership between faculty, student-athletes and the Department of Athletics.

"The most important role of a faculty mentor is to provide an open door" 
- Robert McCloud, Ed.D.  (Field Hockey Mentor)

Key Contacts and Program Support

                                                                  Joshua Shuart, Ph.D.                                                                               Lucy Cox
                                                                Assruate Professor                                            Senior Associate Athletic Director
                                                         Faculty Athletic Representative                                            Student-Athlete Academic Advisement
                                                              Shuartj@sacredheart.edu                                                                CoxL@sacredheart.edu