Pioneers Ranked Twelfth in NTCA Poll

The Sacred Heart Women's Bowling Team were ranked No. 12 in February's Nation Ten Pin Coaches Association poll. The Pioneers received nine points to maintain the same spot as in the January poll.

Central Missouri held onto the top spot for the second month in a row. Fellow Northeast Conference members Fairleigh Dickinson, Adelphi and Saint Francis U made the list, ranking seventh, ninth and tenth respectively.

NTCA voters rank the top 20 teams on their ballot. Each position has a designated point value, ranging from 32 points for first place and one point for twentieth place. To be ranked teams need to equal or surpass the minimum vote criteria, which is one vote for every eight ballots submitted. In this poll, three votes were necessary. The actual ranking position is determined by using the adjusted point standings, which lists in priority order the total points a school has accumulated after the highest and lowest votes are dropped. 

The Pioneers are back in action this coming weekend at Morgan State.