Hunt Seat Finishes As High Point Team ahead of UConn

Hunt Seat Finishes As High Point Team ahead of UConn

Hunt Seat finishes as High Point Team with 38 points ahead of host UCONN with 34 points. Olivia Marlow qualifyied for Hunt Seat Regionals in Open Flat competition.

Melissa Dander places 2nd in Open Flat Section A

Olivia Marlow places in 2nd in Open Flat Section B

Cariann Johnson wins Open Flat Section C

Jessica Chaloux wins Intermediate Flat Section A

Katie Byrne places 5th in Intermediate Flat Section B

Victoria Caputo wins Novice Flat Section A

Gabi Sorrentino wins Novice Flat Section B

Isabel Rodriguez wins Novice Flat Section C

Valerie Stein wins Advanced Walk Trot Canter

Amy Osorio places 3rd in Walk Trot Section B

Olivia Marlow places 4th in Open Fences Section A

Melissa Dander places 3rd in Open Fences Section B

Jackie Brown places 5th in Intermediate Fences Section A

Gabi Sorrentino places 4th in Intermediate Fences Section B

Isabel Rodriguez places 5th in Novice Fences Section B

Jessica Chaloux places 3rd in Novice Fences Section C

The Pioneers are back in action Saturday, March 4 at Connecticut College at 9am