SHU Wraps Up Day One Play at Hofstra Invite

SHU Wraps Up Day One Play at Hofstra Invite

HEMPSTED, N.Y.- The Sacred Heart University Men's Tennis team wrapped up day one play at the Hofstra Invite this afternoon. The doubles duo of Casalduc and Wibmer advanced all the way to the semi-finals match which will be played tomorrow. Wibmer also defeated the number one seeded player in the singles match and Casalduc will be playing in the semi-finals tomorrow on the singles side of the flight B singles. 

A Doubles 

Wibmer/Casalduc (SHU) def. Krause/Dove (Adelphi)

Ramirez/Rashad (Queens) def. Hosokawa/Sause (SHU), 7-6 (6)

Gudins/Pietsch (FDU) def. Wibmer/Casalduc (SHU), 6-3


B Doubles

Bains/Giannakitsidis (Siena) def. Khan/Lowe (SHU), 6-4

Andrade/Volos (Queens) def. Einstoss/Chao (SHU), 6-2


A Singles

William Wibmer (SHU) def. Andris Gudins (FDU), 8-6

Mehdi Dhoulb (FDU) def. Seji Hosokawa (SHU), 9-7

William Wibmer (SHU) def. Lucas Gonzalez (Wagner) 9-7


B Singles

Mohammad Sawani (Siena) def. Chris Sause (SHU), 8-5

Lucca Casalduc (SHU) def. Nick Fox (Oneonta), 8-2

Lucca Casalduc (SHU) def. Solans Diaz (FDU), 9-8 (8)


C Singles

Bryan Einstoss (SHU) def. bye

Kevin Chao (SHU) def. bye

Bryan Einstoss (SHU) def. Geovanny Mendoza (Siena) 8-5

Kevin Chao (SHU) def. Jack Clayton (Oneonta) 8-0

Shawn Jackson (Hofstra) def. Bryan Einstoss (SHU), 8-2

Giacomo Pezzoli (Hofstra) def. Kevin Chao (SHU), 8-2 


D Singles

Francisco Del Valle (SHU) def. Alex Astilean (Adelphi), 8-1

Ayman Khan (SHU) def. Lucas Harland (Oneonta), 8-3

Tyler Lowe (SHU) def. Connor Dove (Adelphi), 8-6

Ryan Hardin (Hofstra) def. Francisco Del Valle (SHU), 8-4

Stanisias Bedrune (Queens) def. Ayman Khan (SHU), 8-6

Siddharth Anand (Wagner) def. Tyler Lowe (SHU), 8-5


Consolation A Doubles

Hosokawa/Sause (SHU) def. Krause/Dove (Adelphi), 6-2 


Consolation B Doubles

Einstoss/Chao (SHU) def. Clayton/Cohen (Oneonta) 6-3

Khan/Lowe (SHU) def. Kalabukau/Stirling (Adelphi) 6-3


Consolation A Singles

Pietsch (FDU) def. Hosokawa (SHU), 8-3


Consolation B Singles

Sause (SHU) def. bye

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