Sacred Heart Women's Basektball NCAA Press Conference

Sacred Heart Women's Basektball NCAA Press Conference


MARCH 17, 2012

Sacred Heart Head Coach Ed Swanson
Opening Statement:
"First of all I would like to thank North Carolina. Their hospitality has been terrific here; we've been treated first-class since we arrived here yesterday afternoon. As far as the game, my team is extremely focused. Led by my two seniors here (Callan Taylor, Alexis Campbell) they've kind of been the leaders through this whole process, I think, starting last summer. Both of them stayed last summer, got the team organized, really put forth the work and they enjoy everything that's coming to them. Alexis tore her ACL back on April 7. She endured months of rehab, fought back through months of frustration, missed the first five games of the year and she's playing the best basketball of her career. I couldn't be happier for her. Callan, who has been one of the most decorated players that every played at Sacred Heart University, has led us through the past couple of years and we are extremely proud of both of them."

On mindset going into the tournament:
"I think focused. This is our third championship in seven years and I think we've learned from each one. I know as a coach I've learned from each one. From the initial one of being so excited just about being there and losing to Maryland in 2006 and then in 2009 we played Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio, and I thought that was a little bit different. I thought the team was a lot more focused and we were down two with 11 minutes to go against Ohio State and I was extremely happy with the way we've played out there. I think we've grown a little bit from that one and I think that this week of practice has been a little bit different. We got over the celebration on Sunday of winning the Northeast Conference Championship and the selection show on Monday and you know we were back to work. So I think extremely focused and looking forward to this opportunity. We know what we're up against, a No. 13 seed going against a No. 4 seed, but we're extremely excited about the opportunity presented to us. "

Reaction to the bracket and seeing you will not be playing a home team first round:
"Nothing's easy but you know the Ohio State game in '09 was a tough situation playing them. I forget the name of the arena; it was right in downtown Columbus. And the arena we're playing in, Carmichael Arena, is kind of like some of the arenas we play in during the year so its not like one of these massive arenas where you to get used to playing in. So we're excited we're not playing someone on their home floor, or their home state or their hometown. Doesn't make it any easier though. "

Senior forward Callan Taylor
On playing in second NCAA tournament:
"It's definitely exciting to be back. I didn't really expect for it happen a second time but we're all exited and I think we have a great group of girls here. Everyone's focused and we're going into the game thinking we can win and just have fun with it too."

On Georgia Tech:
"They're a pressing team. They like to get it going in the full court and look to trap. One of our strengths this season has been breaking presses and handling the ball so hopefully we can keep that going tomorrow. They're a big, athletic team and we're going to have to rebound hard and just play some good, strong defense because they're pretty physical as well."

Senior guard Alexis Campbell
On playing in second NCAA tournament:
"I'm just very excited. Just really focused this time. It's going to be the same energy, just a lot more passion."