Mission Takes Women's Hockey Players Far From Rink

Mission Takes Women's Hockey Players Far From Rink

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - Juniors Tara Kent and Erin Burke, along with sophomore Megan Murphy, of the Sacred Heart University women's ice hockey team, spent their spring breaks, last week, in Central American devoting their time to help those in need.

Far the the freezing temperatures at the Wonderland of Ice, Kent, a nursing major and forward from Glenview, Ill., travelled to Guatemala in an effort to provide medical attention to the country's poverty stricken population.  Along with several other students in her major, Kent made her way to the Central American countries armed with medical supplies she collected from the Sacred Heart community.  She and her classmates visited Guatemalan health clinics and malnutrition centers, providing medical assistance as they went.

Burke, a defender from Franklin, Mass., and Murphy, one of the team's top-scoring forwards from Holden, Mass., were each a part of a delegation that took its mission to El Salvador.

An Excerpt of Tara Kent's ('12) account of her mission to Guatemala:
            Traveling to Guatemala for this mission trip has been one of the best experiences of my life. It took me away from the everyday routine that I am used to here at Sacred Heart and threw me into a world of so much poverty and need. However, among all this devastation, the beauty and sincere gratitude that all the people of Guatemala showed us was completely worth it. We arrived to a town with cobblestone roads, traditional Mayan dress, and active volcanoes outside our window. I went with a group of 24, including nursing and physical therapy students and staff, to provide medical care for Guatemalans that usually otherwise would not receive any medical attention.

An Excerpt of Megan Murphy's ('13) account of her mission to El Salvador:
            Words cannot express the eight days I was on a mission trip in El Salvador, and the vital problem to that statement is that I need to have the strength of words to be the voice of those who don't have one in El Salvador.  Exactly two weeks ago I was packing my final necessities in my bag to head on my first trip out of the country, not to mention a third world country.  This place I now consider my second home is known as El Salvador.  It was a place that completely changed my viewpoint on life, faith, religion, politics, and especially the world in which all of humanity lives in.  It was inevitable that I would stare poverty right in the eyes, but what I did not expect on my journey was to witness happiness, strength, courage, and solidarity.

An Excerpt of Erin Burke's ('12) account of her mission to El Salvador:
           The people that I met and the stories that I heard are forever going to stay with me and inspire me each and everyday to fight and speak for those who can't do so for themselves.  Although we didn't do any physical labor, we opened our hearts, our minds and our ears and we are giving the people of El Salvador a voice.  That is just as important.

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