Women's Rugby Shows Impressive 50-5 Victory Over UNE On Senior Day

Women's Rugby Shows Impressive 50-5 Victory Over UNE On Senior Day

FAIRFIELD, Conn.- The Sacred Heart University Women's Rugby team defeated the University of New England by a final score of 50-5 on senior day. Isabel Cuddy led the team in tries with a total of three tries for 15 points. The team will return to action on Sunday Oct. 21 when they travel to Castleton for a 12:00 p.m. start. 

The Pioneers would get off to a hot start as Madison Gorrigan would score the opening try of the game which was assisted by Arianna Heonis to give the Pioneers a 5-0 lead. Kaylee Hale would attempt the conversion but would be unsuccessful in her first attempt. SHU would continue the scoring drive as Isabelle Cuddy would find the touch line at 5:15 off an assist by Ariana Heonis to give the Pioneers a 10-0 lead. Cuddy would score one more in the first half this time off an assist by Tessa Buckey to put the Pioneers ahead 15-0 at 20:10. Kaylee Hale would score a penalty kick in the closing minutes to put the Pioneers ahead 18-0 at halftime. 

SHU would score six more tries in the second quarter two of which were from Heonis both off assists by Tessa Buckey. Katlin Lagase and Allie Rinaldi would also find the touch line to eventually give the Pioneers the 50-5 victory. The game was played as a 14 vs. 15 matchup. The team will return to 15 vs. 15 in next weeks match.



Time           Team            Scorer           Code           Assist                Score

3:15            SHU             Gorrigan        Try              Unassisted        5-0

5:15            SHU             Cuddy            Try               Heonis (A.)       10-0

20:10          SHU             Cuddy            Try              Buckey (Tessa) 15-0

33:40          SHU             K. Hale           PK                    N/A                18-0

Halftime Score: Sacred Heart 18, New England 0  


Time           Team            Scorer           Code           Assist                Score

4:08           SHU              Heonis           Try              Buckey             23-0

4:08           SHU              K. Hale           Kick             Good               25-0

16:36          SHU              Lagase           Try            Unassisted       30-0

21:10         UNE              Paredes         Try            Paredes           30-5

27:19         SHU              Rinaldi           Try             Unassisted      35-5

35:36         SHU              Gorrigan        Try               King              40-5

36:16          SHU              Cuddy             Try               Buckey         45-5

39:45         SHU              Heonis            Try               Buckey         50-5